initi8marketing will work with you as your  Online Marketing Manager. We are Google Adwords Qualified in Search Advertising (PPC) and we have experience with Google products including Webmaster Tools, Analytic’s and Adwords (PPC). A solid eMarketing strategy with monthly goals and objectives is required to build your business online. We will tailor a specific Digital Marketing strategy to suit your business needs.

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Anybody Can Have a Website, But If Customers Are Not Finding Your Website What Good Does It Do? Focus On Your Business, Let Us Handle The Details. Maximum Internet Exposure At A Budget You Can Afford. Let Us Handle The Details For You.

 We provide data-driven online marketing strategies designed to achieve a desired return on marketing investment. We are a business minded agency that uses analytics and interactive marketing as a tool to increase revenue and profits.

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Google Adwords 90%
Social Media 85%
Online Advertising 80%

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2 Google Conversion Tracking Options For AdWords

We’re trying to track what keywords in our Google AdWords account are converting for us. You have no idea what an important question this is!

I am amazed and annoyed when people bring be their failing AdWords accounts to review and they haven’t even bothered to try and measure the simplest of performance statistics – the number of conversions each of their keywords is achieving.

It’s really simple to do and the information provided can actually save you tons of money and time in wasted effort. The absolute minimum that every AdWords account holder should do is set-up conversion tracking for all their AdWords keywords. […]

How Can I Improve My Quality Score?

If you’re like everyone else who uses AdWords, you’ll encounter problems with Google’s Quality Score feature at some time or another. Improving Quality Score sometimes seems like the “Holy Grail” of AdWords – the ultimate goal that can never be reached.

Increasing your Quality Score by just a single point for one keyword can make a huge difference to the amount you pay in bids on that keyword. It therefore comes as no surprise when people tell us about the frustration they feel  when they spend hours working on their account for little or no return.

The fact of the matter is that this is really too big a subject to cover properly in a single post, but here are some general pointers that maybe useful. […]

Case study 1

PPC campaign is an important driver of new business. For promoting a new quizzes services of EDUCATE the USA, we use extensive PPC campaign to increase in mobile usage of the new career personality quizzes.

This is vital to well measure the effectiveness of campaigns and also to control a trustworthy cost-per-acquisition key performance indicator.

“Within a matter of weeks we were #1 resource when people were looking for various career tests.”
J.A. Career related testing center

We have a very specific niche customer (NGO education) that is extremely difficult to reach. They were able to select keywords that captured that traffic and drive conversions. We are very pleased.

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