Hot Website Promotion Tips for 2020

If you own a website or working in the website marketing department, there are various ways you can use to market your website for free, says Martin Browne who works for a freelancing agency. This will enable you to create more traffic to your site which will in turn earn you a lot of money. Here are some tips on hot website promotion strategies for 2019.

1. Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines

When any user finds your website when they are searching for anything through Bing, Google or other search engines, you are getting free website marketing. That is why search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. Ensure that search engines can comprehend and categorize your website properly. Your website will be among the top search results when users type the relevant keywords. This will save you from paying for search engine adverts.

How does one know whether their website is optimized for search engines? One of the ways is using an SEO auditing tool. You can paste your website’s URL in one of these tools and a report will be displayed on how effective your site is. Some of the free tools include SiteChecker, SEOptimer and Seobility.

2. Develop An Email List

One can gather leads and get free website promotion by generating an email list. If this might sound challenging to you, know that it is also worth it. As much as many email marketing software need paid membership to access the advanced features, there are many things one can do with free accounts. Some of the free email marketing software you can commence with include: Millichap’s plan, TinyLetter, Mailerlite, and Benchmark.

3. Reach Out To Bloggers

When you are kicking off with your website marketing strategies and you do not have an audience yet, one of the rapid ways to grow your website is by borrowing someone else’s audience. You can accomplish this by creating a relationship with influencers and bloggers that are related to your audience. The main end game is to have a relationship that is strong enough and will end up reviewing your products, giving you a guest blogging spot and mentioning your business. So as to get bloggers in your field, you can use a free tool such as FollowerWonk.

4. Guest Blogging

Being a skilled writer, you can acquire free website promotion through guest blogging. This means that you pitch an article idea or topic that is significant to your target audience then when approved you can write articles for publication on the blog. Once your article is published, you get a chance to mention your website in the content of your article or your profile bio. So as to get started with guest blogging, you should look for blogs or online publications that will benefit from your experience or insight. Get the necessary contact information and then blog or pitch an article idea to them.

5. Acquire Interview Opportunities

This is another way of getting free website marketing. These interviews could be from newspapers, blogs, magazines, radio shows, online publications, podcasts and local TV shows. The relevant the venue is to your business, the better.

Written by Initi8marketing