Top Tips on Starting a Blog

Blogging is big! Not only is it great for business, it’s also great for anyone looking to get involved online; share their opinion, write creatively, learn the craft for future job prospects and, sometimes, blog just for fun. However, when it comes to taking that first step, where do you go and what is your best option? Well, here are our top tips on creating your blog as a beginner.

Tip 1 – Have a clear goal in mind.

Are you niche, or are you a generalist? What we mean by this is, are you blogging on various topics depending on what you’ve experienced recently, keeping an open diary of sorts, or are you a niche blogger? In other words, are you choosing a topic and staying true and consistent with it? Travel, for example, would be a niche topic, as would anything that broadly covers every blog you write: pets, property, copywriting etc. This should be your first consideration, as it could determine which blogging platform you decide to run with. Which brings us neatly to tip 2…

Tip 2 – Choose your blogging platform.

This is where you will have to do a little research, as there are plenty of online web builders and blogging sites to choose from, but not all of them will be suitable to your skills and long-term goals. For example, web builders such as Wix and GoDaddy are very popular choices, because they allow for easy navigation and nice-looking websites. Another popular option is the Tmblr app, but from experience, this option can be quite restrictive and basic. If you want flexibility and you want to use a platform that is recognised by all of the major search engines and social platforms, you’re better off with a web building programme. Similar to the aforementioned builders, one of the most popular options is, of course, WordPress– a platform that offers both simple web building tools, and room to explore html and other development tools and plug-ins that can boost your blog and help you rank with the more popular search engines. The key thing is not to get too overwhelmed by all of your options. Take a look at the more popular options that bloggers tend to use, and explore the pros and cons.

Tip 3 – Be consistent.

In other words, have a plan before you jump in with your first blog post. As well as your chosen style (general or niche) and chosen blogging platform, the direction of your b logging strategy will also need consideration. Many people go through the process of tips one and two, and then just jump straight in with their first blog. While this is fine, it will put you in a much stronger position if you do some planning in advance of this. So, what should you plan? Nothing complex, just the basics:

  • Post frequency: Be consistent and decide how often you want to release a blog: once or twice a week, once per month. It’s up to you, and it will depend on your goals overall, but stick to it, whichever you decide. Your readers will appreciate consistency.
  • General topics for your fist five blogs (or more, if you can): Planning your blog topics in advance will make it easier to plan each blog individually – as you will already have in mind the things you need to research or look into before you start to write.

And that’s about it. Once you have decided on the type of blog you want, where you want to host your blog, and you have put a simple plan together, you’re ready to go. Happy blogging.

Written by Initi8marketing